August 1, 2014

Introduction to Mining

Instructions on how to access the course:

BEFORE CLASS (Wednesday Jan 22, 4:15pm)

PART 1: getting your UAS online username and password through ELMO

1) Visit:

2) Select option 3: Search for my account

3) Enter your birth date, last name, and the last four digits of your ALASKA STUDENT ID NUMBER

4) Click go elmo

5) Follow the steps and answer the questions

6) When you receive your UAS online username and password write it down, in three places. email it to yourself, write it on a stickie, tell a friend or family member. It will make your life a lot easier if you always have easy access to your UAS online username and password!


PART 2: Logging on to UAS online and accessing the online course on Blackboard

7) Visit:

8) Enter your User name and password, click Sign in.

9) In the box in the middle of your screen titled Course Homesites, you should see ALNT001-H02 listed under Spring- 2014, click on it.

10) You made it! Please watch the next tutorial to learn about how to navigate the Blackboard course.



You can access the class in three ways:

1) To view it online, click this link (or Google UATV):

2) To view it on your local TV station, go to to see what channel to tune into

3) To view it via Video Teleconferencing (VTC), have someone contact me (Kelly Sorensen) to coordinate the connection OR dial in the IP:

How to get around in the online class:


Information about the Class:

                                                                              Course instructor, Mike Bell

- Mon & Wed 4:15-6:00pm, Jan 22- April 21

- Optional Tech Prep course credit (student will receive both high school and University credit) for a $44 fee

- No cost for high school credit

- Possible field trip to a mine in your area

- Possible paid internship upon completion

- Must have a computer with internet connection to participate

- DEADLINE for registration is January 22nd, visit our registration form to sign up

- The course is also open to recent high school graduates. Student must be under 25 and pays the full UAS tuition and fees of $618, plus the cost of the tour, and will still qualify for the opportunity for an internship upon completion of the course.

Mining Students



Syllabus: Introduction to Mining syllabus

To register for University credit: Mining Tech Prep UAS Registration Form

Welcome Letter


Pathways to Mining